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The Boxer With A Special, Hairy Heart

Friday, May 31, 2013

Dogs can be such special gifts in our lives and Mercy, an eight year old Boxer, was no exception according to her owner (and for privacy reasons I won't go into more detail).

However, the detail I can share with you is that this gal had a big, loving heart as all dogs typically do. And, she was no stranger to happiness despite having MS that eventually took away her ability to easily walk and later take away her life.

Mercy had a physical marking that would leave an impression on anyone who met her—and maybe on anyone who reads this.

Amazingly, Mercy's hair grew in such a way that it left a heart imprint on her chest! How special and memorable.

 My time with her was short, but she was a wonderful, friendly, lovable dog to photograph, and I remember feeling amazed to see her run seemingly uninhibited despite the illness.

She didn't live long after the photo session, but her big, happy, hairy heart left me with a big smile and cherished memory.

Enhanced detailed view of the heart shape.
Happy go-lucky
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