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Easter Egg Dog Biscuit Hunt and Meeting Max

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I decided to do something different for Easter in addition to my "Easter-egg Dog Biscuit Hunt" ritual my dogs enjoy year after year. This year I took the opportunity to do something positive and meaningful over the holiday. At some point in my life I had a turn of thinking from what am I going to "give up" for Lent/Easter, for example, to what am I going to "do" for someone or some community instead—what can I do that would be meaningful, have a positive effect, and foster connections.

So, when Alison, the director of the MAK GSP Rescue organization (http://www.makrescue.org/), contacted me from out of state and asked if I would consider doing professional photos of Max to boost adoption interest, I was intrigued and decided it was a perfect opportunity to do something positive—for Max, for the rescue organization, for whomever adopts Max in the future.

This organization rescues German Shorthaired Pointers throughout Missouri, Arkansas, and Kansas. I was informed that Max was rescued from a neglectful environment in Kansas and is now thriving in a foster home here in Wichita. My first introduction to Max gave me no indication of his unfortunate history. All I saw was a well-mannered, thriving, happy boy—and a dog that was very easy to photograph because of his gentle and well-mannered nature. Kudos to his foster home!

This was a meaningful experience—from being introduced to everyone involved in Max's rescue to the expression of gratitude from Alison and Matthew (Max's foster dad) and seeing my photos of Max on his Petfinder.com profile. I enjoyed making these new connections and meeting Max, a sweet fellow that will surely warm the hearts of whatever family adopts him.

After that enjoyable Easter "service" and hopefully making a small difference in someone's life, in Max's life, it was back to my regularly scheduled "Easter-egg Dog Biscuit Hunt" activity with my own dogs who, like any human kid on an Easter-egg hunt, could hardly wait to make the "connection" with those biscuit filled Easter eggs and devour the treasure inside.

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