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In Support of Animal Rescue Organizations

Monday, November 5, 2012

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, as momentous efforts are being pulled together to re-stabilize the affected areas, I applaud those whose rescue efforts extend to our animal best friends.

The flurry of pet rescue photographs being shared on the various news and social network outlets, remind me of our local county's animal rescue team (Sedgwick County Animal Response Team), and the efforts they go through all year long to stay prepared and ready for deployment when disasters strike. Our local team, led by veterinarian Dr. Christen Skaer, deployed to Greensburg, KS when the town was leveled by a tornado in 2007, for example. They set up an animal shelter to house and treat injured and displaced pets.

Aside from undergoing some training in animal rescue myself, for the last three years, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to contribute pet photography sessions to SCART’s annual silent auction fundraisers. It’s a fun event, and, each year, I eagerly await to see who wins the bid. The people and pets are always interesting and fun, and the sessions are always special knowing that they benefit and support animal rescue efforts.

Below are some of the fun photos from these photo sessions.



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