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Remember that time when your pet made you laugh until your sides hurt? Those quirky nuances that differentiate your dog or cat from any other? Pets are undeniably entertaining, clever, and fun — helping to enrich our lives and bring more joy and happiness to us than anything else.

Introducing Wichita's Premier Pet Photography service - Sundog Pet Photography. We are here to help capture those indelible memories. We offer on-location photography sessions to allow your pet to be his or her best self in a comfortable, familiar environment as well as to capture the familiar setting you share with your pet.

Sundog Pet Photography is operated and owned by pet photographer, Heidi Marcinik. Heidi has worked with the arts for over 10 years to include achieving a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design from Wichita State University. Heidi's love of pets, art and photography found its way to creating Sundog Pet Photography (established January 2010).

Pets often mean "the world" to people and families. There's every reason to take time out and photograph them as we would any other member of the family. We ALL love sharing stories about the crazy, funny things our pets did or do. With pet photos from Sundog Pet Photography, you can bring that pet to life in your stories and share the joys and memories with everyone around you. Each photo will have a story - a memorable one.

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