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Pet Photography Adds Charm: Westie Bath Series

Saturday, January 7, 2012

I'm excited to remodel the bathroom which includes replacing the existing tub with an antique claw tub from the early 1900s. Such a historical treasure really deserves to be the focal point of the room, and I'm looking forward to having that added charm transform the space.

Of course, a room doesn't have to undergo a major remodel in order to make it your own. Adding new accents to a room can lighten and freshen it up and applying a new wall color can further that personal style and taste. Changing out wall art, or making your own is another way that brings your style into the space. Any of these decorating changes can be great conversation pieces with your visitors and will likely spur other ideas.

So, still feeling inspired by the New Year as a time to work on my own creative projects, I grabbed my dog for a quick session focusing on bath photos. It was bath day anyway, and the natural light entering the large block window was incredibly bright yet soft and beautiful -  ideal light for a series on bathing dogs.

Below are some of those photos. While these may not be my final choice by the time the remodel happens (photos of them in the antique tub surely would be charming), they make me smile and, in the meantime, will add that personal charm to the room.



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  1. Loving the photo's Heidi! Definitely should have pride of place in the new bathroom x

  2. Thanks Laura - now to figure out the cropping, framing, and hanging arrangement :)

  3. Thanks Nicole :) Just a little different from the usual.



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